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Fonts are voices · Typetogether Reel

xEstablishing a clear brand makes you noticeable, engenders trust, and can turn a one-time buyer into a raving fan. Since text is irreplaceable for communication, and since fonts give your communication a specific voice, what voice does your brand have? TypeTogether specialises in designing retail fonts that have a certain tone. We also specialise in creating custom typefaces that carry your unique values and elevate your brand’s voice above the crowd. We’ve done it time and time and time and time again, in many languages, and for every kind of media on which it will be displayed. Check out our new Better Brands video by Cecilia Brarda and send us an email to see how we can help create a distinct voice for you as well!

London · United Kingdom , Octubre de 2018.

CBMOTION_Reel 2019
Reel 2019
Santa Fe · Argentina
Proyecto Redes de Instituciones Barriales
Proyecto Redes
Municipalidad de Santa Fe
TypeTogether Web Video Presentation
TypeTogether Video
Client: TypeTogether
Next TV Branding · Art Direction
Next TV Branding
Cliente: Canal NEXT · Rafaela
TeCito a las 6 - Strawberryland
Santa Fe
Bismart · promotional
Cliente: BISMART · Barcelona
Presentación animada para el servicio de software RecibosElectronicos.com
Presentación Recibos Electrónicos
Cliente Minder S.A. · Buenos Aires
Branding Expertur Quinceañeras
Branding Expertur Quinceañeras
Cliente: Expertur Quinceañeras
Branding Canal 33 · TV3, Televisión de Catalunya - Barcelona
Branding Canal 33 · TV3
Canal 33 · TV3 Catalunya - Barcelona
Instantáneas · broadcast design · open program
Instantáneas · Open
Cliente: Canal Litus · UNL Santa Fe
Emprendedores. Otra economía - Open program - branding
Otra economía · Open
Cliente: Canal Litus · UNL Santa Fe
Ciencia que va - Open Program and branding
Ciencia que va · Open
Cliente: Canal Litus · UNL Santa Fe
Dialogos · Open Program
Dialogos · Open
Cliente: Canal Litus · UNL Santa Fe
La Obra · Open program · Branding
La Obra · Open
Cliente: Canal Litus · UNL Santa Fe
Promoción Festival de Magia · Badalona, Catalunya
Promoción Festival de Magia
TV3, Televisión de Catalunya
Ident Catalunya Radio · TV3 - Televisión de Catalunya
ID Catalunya Radio
Cliente: TV3-Televisión de Catalunya

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