CB Motion & Design

Portada Type Presentation

TypeTogether , Marzo de 2018.

Designed for superlative performance in long form reading on screens, in UI, and in apps, Portada is a serif type family and icon set that’s as clear and readable as a sans in restrictive digital environments.

General Direction: TypeTogether
Typeface Design Veronika Burian and José Scaglione
Motion Design: Cecilia Brarda

Iro Sans Women's Super League
Iro Sans Motion
Lisbeth Motion Type
Lisbeth Motion Type
Ronnia Type Presentation
Ronnia Type
Bely Type in motion
Bely Type in motion
Client: TypeTogether
FINO TYPE Presentation
Carmen Fiesta · Promoción
Carmen Fiesta · Promoción
Cliente: Andreu Balius
Alphabet in motion - Barcenova type
Alphabet in motion
Cliente: Type Republic - Andreu Balius
Calligraphy in motion · RoballosNaab · 10 años!
Calligraphy in motion
Cliente: Estudio de Caligrafía RoballosNaab
Type design
Diseño de tipografía
Máster de Tipografía · Universidad de Barcelona
Bree and Bree Serif
Bree in motion

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